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We empower businesses of all sizes, from early-stage start-ups to multinationals.

Our services

We pride ourselves in team augmentation services.
Our expert technologists can help you with software development, digital marketing, and customer support.


Software Development

We can help build your SaaS platform and mobile application with a dedicated remote development team. Typical development team consists of front-end engineers, back-end engineers, mobile developers, UX/UI designers, and DevOps specialists.

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Digital Marketing

We are experts in building multi-channel cold outreach campaigns to acquire customers. We can set-up LinkedIn, Twitter, and cold email funnels to book more calls for your sales team. Process involves content creation, prospecting, and automation.

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Customer Support

With our tech-savy, English speaking customer service agents you can improve happiness and retention of your customers. Our staff can monitor email support inboxes, live chat plugins, also handle phone calls from your customers.

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Technologies we use

Stay ahead of the competition with state-of-the-art and proven technologies

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React & React Native

React is a popular JavaScript library for building user interfaces, developed and maintained by Facebook. It is widely used by many well-known companies such as Netflix, Airbnb, Walmart, and more to create interactive and dynamic web applications.

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Amazon Web Services

AWS is a cloud computing platform offering a wide range of services, such as storage, computing, and security, among others. It is used by many large organizations, such as Amazon, Spotify, and Capital One, to scale infrastructure and reduce IT costs.

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Node.js is a server-side JavaScript runtime to build fast, scalable, and efficient server-side applications. It is widely used by companies such as PayPal, Netflix, Walmart, and more for its ability to handle high-performance, high-traffic applications.

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MongoDB is a NoSQL database that allows for storing and retrieving data in a flexible, JSON-like document format. Perfect for high scalability and performance, such as real-time analytics, content management, and e-commerce applications.

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We use Python where our clients need data analysis and data visualization projects. We also leverage Python with our Machine Learning and Data Science projects.

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MySQL is a widely-used, open-source relational database management system that is known for its reliability, stability, and ease of use. Perfect for structured data storage, such as web applications, data warehousing, and business intelligence.


About FutureCast

FutureCast is a technology consulting firm that provides development, marketing, services to product-oriented businesses. We manage SaaS solutions in the edtech, ecommerce, and logistics industries in addition to our consulting services.

Our Team Work

Teamwork is essential in a tech company as it allows for the collaboration and the sharing of knowledge and skills among our team members, resulting in better communication, increased productivity, and the ability to tackle complex projects more efficiently.


Our Projects

Our company offers cutting-edge web development services, including web apps,
websites and other technical solutions, designed to help businesses and individuals
establish a strong online presence and reach their target audience effectively.



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I recently had the pleasure of working with FutureCast on a web application project and I couldn't be happier with the results. The team was professional, responsive, and delivered a high-quality product that exceeded my expectations.
Their knowledge of the latest technologies and their attention to detail made the process smooth and enjoyable. I highly recommend FutureCast to anyone in need of top-notch web development services.

Huseyin Celikag , Chief Technical Officer - Productive Machine

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